Datacenter Colocation

1U 16TB 1000 Mbps PORT 1 Amp 120V /29 (5 Usable)* $129.99/mo Order Now
1U 32TB 1000 Mbps PORT 1 Amp 120V /29 (5 Usable)* $149.99/mo Order Now
UP TO 4U 32TB 1000 Mbps PORT 1 Amp 120V /29 (5 Usable)* $169.99/mo Order Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Colocation is where you provide the hardware and we provide the infrastructure to host it.

You ship us your server, we install it and lease you the space, power and bandwidth to operate it.

We offer free KVM over IP access on request, which gives you bios level keyboard and mouse access.

Colocated servers also include a free remote reboot port with power monitoring.

If a hardware requiring physical access or repair does arise, our remote hands is available billed at $100/hour in 15 minute increments.

If you require management on hardware you have colocated with us please contact for support contract pricing.

Additional IPv4 is available at a cost of $2.00/month PER additional IP space.
/29 8 IPS, (5 Usable): $16.00/month
/28 16 IPS, (13 Usable): $32.00/month
/27 32 IPS, (29 Usable): $64.00/month
/26 64 IPS, (61 Usable): $128.00/month
/25 128 IPS, (125 Usable): $256.00/month
/24 256 IPS, (253 Usable): $512.00/month

Additional /64 IPv6 Blocks will be provided at no charge.
/48 IPv4 Can be provided for $5.00/month (Limit 1 PER Colocation)

Please note ARIN justification is required for all IP assignments.

Yes we do! Please contact with your requirements and we can tailor a package to meet your needs.

You absolutely can! We do not charge anything additional to announce your ASN/IP Space.

Please note RPKI and LOA will be required for any announcements.